Our web application is key to engaging everyone with the environment around us all. EnviroInsight will be a perfect blend of both awareness to extreme environmental situations, and interactions such as games and quizzes that teach everyone how to make an impact in the right way! Your small contributions can lead to a drastic change!

New York Environment

            The Big Apple is the nation’s dirtiest city, according to a report by BusyBee, a cleaning service in New York City. The company’s “dirtiest index” combines data from the Environmental Protection Agency, American Housing Survey, and U.S. Census Bureau. With an index score of 427.9, New York is by far the nation’s dirtiest city, outpacing Los Angeles, the next closest city with an index of 317.8 .

             Our “Interesting Facts” column contains active number counters that highlight various ways humanity has impacted the Earth’s climate. We’re showcasing these numbers to actively inspire our users to change their behaviors and actions in relation to climate change.

            Did you know that more than 100 million pounds of garbage are generated by national park visitors each year? A study found that a large percentage of that waste was food waste and plastic water bottles that were produced and sold outside of the national parks. We have to begin thinking about our individual environmental impact and how we can help sustain the planet for generations to come.

             That's not even 1% of whats happening to our environment is in New York. So let us start working on at least one small initiative that might bring an impact to our environment. Even if everyone starts planting small numbers of plants at the open lots, parks, areas or even at their kitchen gardens then it can solve some of the big issues that we are facing.

Tips on Gardening

Eco-friendly Gardens: 7 ways you can help protect the environment with self-sustaining gardening habits

  • Conserve water.
  • Recycle plastic bottles and containers.
  • Choose the right plants.
  • Attract the right bugs
  • Create and use your own compost.
  • Companion planting.
  • Use natural fertilizers and herbicides.

Interesting Facts

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